All my life I have illustrated other people’s ideas. Though teaming with stories and images I have always needed to see to putting the potatoes in the pot. This has almost never left time for truly original work. Smokytopia is my idea. A cluster of stories, images, and characters that have inhabited my head for several years.  I have the opportunity for a couple of years to add to the story episodically and theoretically entertain a lot of people. You for example. I never liked advertising  or subscriptions so it is my pleasure to offer Smokytopia free of charge to the comic reading public.  This frees me to both solicit contributions and use pop media like music in my work. The only marketing that will happen is word of mouth. This way I can focus all of my creative energy on the story. If you happen to know someone who would enjoy my work  send em a link. If you know a comic reviewer, send em a link. Be gentle, like water wearing away stone.  

That said, I think the bulk of this journal will contain  technical and subjective thoughts regarding the story. I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a comic where you can rest your brain. It is a complex tale told in a non-linear manner. That means the episodes often reverse cause and effect and are not numbered in any particular order.  It will take focused observation and an open mind to figure out what is going on. It will help to remember how Sufi tales are designed not necessarily  to tell a story, but to open the mind….