The Shining Mountain. UncaRay wearing a huge pack, surveys myterious misty mountainscape. Smokytopia is for free distribution everywhere only with proper attribution. NOT to be sold, ever.

Smokytopia is a visionary non-linear epic re-telling of the Unka Rei mythos. At first the events described, in text, drawings, animation, and music, will seem disconnected and chaotic to you. Same as life...But with patience, and a good memory for detail, events will begin to click into place in your mind. Mysteries will reveal themselves and the Universe will expand into the Metaverse!

Remember, your perceptions create your universe, and your emotions shape your perceptions.

Thousands of cartoon characters died to bring you this voluptuous palimpsest of cosmic wonders revealing both Nothing and Everything.

Use what you learn here only for good.

Whenever the Darkness threatens to overwhelm you just remember the following song...

*Row row row your boat...
gently down the stream.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily...
Life is but a dream.

*Most Weavers agree...there is no one in the boat.

The Red Dancer Beats Her Drum.

UnkaRei kneels with Colin Kaepernick. No one has ever crossed the Great Sad on foot before...until now...
Faux, Queen Of Murder.
Cool, levelheaded Jade. Giordano Bruno peaks under the skirts of the universe.
Cedar Grove, a tiny island floating in a vast abyss.

The Stranger Arrives At Cedar Grove

My name is Janus...I’m a Weaver. We’ll talk more about that later..., where this story starts is a tiny island called Cedar Grove afloat in a vast abyss . I was upslope in the woods below the Old Road when Cinnamon alerted. “Somebody sittin on a rock up there sir.” She said in her language of body moves and trills.  I climbed to where I could see him. He was a large man but this just emphasized his state of emaciation. His tightly curled white hair was full of dust and twigs and his naked body was thickly coated with yellow dust. He failed to react at all to my presence so I put my pack down and walked up to him. His eyes were open and unblinking, with extremely dilated pupils, that completely failed to track my hand. Closer examination revealed that his bare feet were in bad shape and leaking blood on the stone.

Cinnamon sniffed delicately at his upper thigh, “I don’t think this one is gonna make it,” She said. “He’s got a bad leg.” Closer examination revealed he had an ugly wound in his thigh that was clearly gangrenous. He had walked as far as he could and sat down on this rock to die…

“Yr prob’ly right,” I huffed as I got him up in a fireman’s carry. He was no lightweight and his feet dragged behind us. “We’ll see what they say down at the clinic.” I created a portal, and stepped through.

Janus among the flowers.

That, in a nutshell, is what a Weaver does. Technically what I did was create a portal to a benign crossroads universe, and then another back to my originating universe, but in a different location, in this case in the Clinic’s main receiving area. No time had passed so the effect was very much like teleportation. I dropped him on a gurney and hollered for the Aide who took one look at my burden and moved smoothly into action. The Clinic is known throughout the Plenum for dealing with extreme trauma and the Doctors and Healers there live for moments like this.

The leg was totaled, so they replaced it with a nice plastic one. The Surgeon said he had been shot, small caliber, low energy, probably some form of projectile based side arm. The feet healed up quickly, but the mind behind those dark brown pupils not so much. Cerebral Edema caused by the gangrene had resulted in severe brain damage, subject no longer remembered his past or even how to speak.

In time he left the clinic and moved in with the Fullully Klan where his simple needs and strong constitution came in handy for harvesting and planting the sweet potatoes that provide the Fullully Clan their main income. There he found a home.

Though I looked in on him from time to time over the next ten years there seemed no further improvement, no trace of memory of his past life, or hint of what universe he may have originated in.

There was really only one thing we knew for sure about him...He was an Unka Rei…and a Weaver.

We knew this because a Temporal Trace tracked his path through...and out of.. The Great Sad. He was the first in our history to ever walk out of the Great sad, mortals walked in all the time, but, until now, they never walked out again. The trace petered out deep into the sulfur colored sand dunes but it lasted long enough to prove one thing. He was the most powerful Weaver we had ever encountered, magnitudes beyond our best.  But with no memory of his past, nor of speech itself...

...We just called him, The Stranger.

Tall, very dark, with kinky white beard and a mechanical leg. Stranger.                                      Cinnamon, the mighty Chow.